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Copyright, ownership of content and prohibition of reproduction.

The content of the www.tradingnetwork.eu. website, including but not limited to the texts, articles without limitation, the data without limitation, images, icons, sounds, videos, documents or services created by the editors or occasional or permanent contributors, logos and any other material, in any format, published on Tradingnetwork.eu, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, tools, fonts and website design, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of Tradingnetwork.eu, are protected by the intellectual property rights of Trading Network LTD and other shareholders.

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Any such copying must be carried out for lawful purposes and only for personal use.The user, for example, can not alter or in any other way modify the content and protected work without the consent of Trading Network LTD.

Treatment of cookies and services subject to registration and privacy policies

In order to take advantage of the services provided by the www.tradingnetwork.eu website and subscribed to on registration, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

This allows the automatic recognition of users, avoiding repeated input of their login and password when opening multiple sessions. Disabling cookies precludes access to the services in question. For more information on cookies please write to: info@tradingnetwork.eu.

Trading Network LTD is committed to protecting the privacy of service subscribers as well as general visitors to the website.  All personal information provided shall be kept confidential within Trading Network LTD, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2001.

The Data Protection Act 2001 was enacted on the 14th December 2001 and the section concerning the appointment of a named individual responsible for data protection which came into force on 22 March 2002. Trading Network LTD therefore, has a binding legal duty and obligation to respect and protect all personal information collected. Trading Network LTD will take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorised access to the data collected and undertakes not to sell or provide them to third parties unless explicitly given permission to do so.

Contact information is collected either by sending a contact e-mail form or by subscribing to the site.

In the event of email contact Trading Network LTD will use personal information only for the purpose of responding to the email or to advise on services selected when the subscription was made.

In the event of entry to the site, contact details will be recorded on a separate server, protected by the latest SSL technology and kept on file to send email updates (or offers on behalf of the Trading Network LTD) and Pop Up notifications included in the subscribed services.

At any time the customer may request the removal or modification of recorded data by directly accessing the personal log-in area or by sending an email to info@tradingnetwork.eu

The content of this site is the responsibility of Trading Network LTD.

If any aspect of this site does not conform to the any part of these statements, please send an email to: info@tradingnetwork.eu

Services and Portfolios offered by Tradingnetwork.eu

The content of Tradingnetwork.eu is intended as an editorial service providing financial education and guidance on investments and trading; it is not intended to provide any form personalised advice or consultancy. Therefore, Trading Network LTD accepts no responsibility for misuse of the content and discourages the use of the content for financial gain.

It should be noted that the use of login credentials (username and password) are strictly personal, and exclusively for the use of the subscriber for accessing services on the website. 

In the event that our internal verification and checking systems should highlight via the IP address  that the same log in details are used by several individuals, Trading Networks LTD reserves the right to terminate access, temporarily blocking the account, possibly considering legal redress , to protect themselves by whatever means possible.

In the event that it is demonstrated that the user has sold the log-in details to a third party in order to allow access to subscribed services, or redistribute, in part or in full, the information and content provided in the subscribed services, a fine will be levied equal to 10 times the annual subscription fee.

In the event that a user identifies and reports that other users or external parties are using copied material and content of the services offered by Trading Network LTD, on the production of detailed evidence of this, the reporting user will receive a free subscription upgrade to the PREMIUM POP UP TRADING service for one year.

The Tradingnetwork.eu, the site and its services:  Pop-up Investing, Basic Pop-Up Trading, Premium Pop-Up Trading, are editorial services which are not subject to any verification of the authenticity of the content and are provided as the personal opinions of a team of Tradingnetwork.eu traders. The use of the information provided to undertake investments or trading is exclusively the personal responsibility of the subscription holder who accepts the risks connected with trading.

The site has been created for the sole purpose of providing information, and no part of it should be considered as personalised advice or an offer to buy and/or sell or a solicitation to buy or sell securities and/or financial instruments of various kinds. The opinions contained in this website do not constitute investment advice and are merely an independent opinion of a group of studies carried out by Trading Network LTD. All information and services offered are for the sole purpose of forming an overall view of financial markets.

None of the information or any opinions contained in this site shall be construed as a solicitation or an offer to invest in shares or other financial instruments of various kinds or as personalised investment advice by Trading Network LTD. The information published on the site is to be read and taken at face value  "as written " and " as available" without any obligation on the part of Trading Network LTD to ensure up to date, predetermined and obligatory availability at any time of day.

The traders, who are responsible for the portfolios offered by the services of Tradingnetwork.eu,  are under no obligation to guarantee any minimum number of reports or guidance, either on a daily weekly or monthly basis, whether for changing market conditions or on specific technical choices.

Trading Network Ltd reserves the right to change the offer tools within the individual portfolios, both for reasons of technical choice for business opportunity, at any time, provided that it is not modified the initial setting of the portfolio over 30%.

Purchasing through the shop

The purchase of the services available on-line at www.tradingnetwork.eu in the SHOP section takes place, after registering with the site www.tradingnetwork.eu, following the collection of data needed for billing and the selection of the payment method.  There is only 1 options: payment by European bank transfer. The act of submitting an order implies full and unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions, in force at the time, contained in this Legal Notice.

The purchase order is deemed to be accepted by Trading Network LTD as soon as a message confirming a purchase appears on the www.tradingnetwork.eu web page and receipt of confirmation email confirming the purchase containing the authentication data for access to ' reserved area'.

Prices, terms, payment methods, portfolio performance and free renewal option in the event of lack of or negative performance.


For payment by bank transfer: The necessary details for the bank transfer will be sent by email to the email address indicated on the order.  The activation of Tradingnetwork.eu services will take place on the first available working date following payment a credit received from the bank.

NOTE:  Portfolio performance as indicated under the 'HISTORY' tab and available as PDF downloads, are to be understood as being 'gross' and do not take into account commission running costs, which may vary depending on the number of transactions and the commission bands charged by the chosen broker ;  Tobin tax- on multi-day transactions in all Italian and French  large caps  ( STM, TENARIS, and CNHI excluded);  and Capital gains.  It should be noted, however, that these costs - commissions, Tobin Tax , Capital Gains – must be taken into account, in the event of market performance. The only costs due to Trading Network LTD are the costs of subscription.

In the event of zero or negative performance of a portfolio included in the service during the subscription period, or in the case of PREMIUM POP UP TRADING, all of the portfolios included in the service supplied, the subscriber shall be entitled to apply for a free renewal equal to the period of the subscription.

Obligations of the customer

The customer, being aware of the responsibility and penalties for making false statements, declares and warrant:

- To be of legal age ;

- That the data supplied by the same for the execution of this Agreement/contract, is true and correct.

All information contained in the www.tradingnetwork.eu website is confidential and protected including all the trademarks, logos, brand names and all programs and/or technology and/or software content and, more generally, the whole and every part of the www.tradingnetwork.eu website.  The User also agrees not to copy, modify, translate, reproduce, disseminate, sell , publish, promote or disseminate in any way, in a different format, in electronic form or otherwise, in whole or in part , any of the information on this website.

Forum rules

The www.tradingnetwork.eu forum is divided into two areas: 1. PUBLIC area: accessible to all those who have registered with the www.tradingnetwork.eu website, but who have not subscribed to any services. Here you will access discussion groups on services available from Trading network LTD and also have access to Tradingnetwork.eu staff, and 2. A RESERVED area for registered subscribers. Here you will only have access to Trading Network LTD services and discussion groups exclusively based on your subscription. You will be able to discuss reported portfolio transactions and those which are part of the service and put questions to the trader responsible for the portfolio.  If you are a PREMIUM POP UP TRADING subscriber, you will have access to all the areas within the forum.

Each User will be able to access forum discussions on a certain topic and discuss it within the dedicated section or participate in the forum chosen by other users with the opportunity to have a direct contact with Tradingnetwork.eu staff.

In addition to Trading Network LTD's  responsibility for the website operation and overseeing communications, it will also intervene at the specific request of a site user (the " direct line with the Staff ") where the tone of a discussion or discussions are deemed unsuitable for the forum .

It is prohibited to publish messages or materials which may be deemed to be offensive, obscene, harassing, defamatory, racist, and unfair or which may be unlawful in any way.

Trading Network LTD, in such cases, reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the accounts of users who may be responsible for violating this regulation and Trading Network LTD also reserves the right to remove the service from the user without notice.

The Tradingnetwork.eu Forum, in general, is not subject to filters or preventive controls .Therefore, Trading Network LTD cannot be held responsible for the content or message format posted within the forum. The authors of messages may have a specific interest on the issues under discussion therefore these cannot, in any way, be guaranteed in terms of veracity, accuracy, completeness, correctness or even the usefulness and desirability of the messages. 

The service is not intended in any way to promote investments from the public, or promote any form of investment or financial speculation.

Trading Network Ltd shall not be held liable for any damages of any kind or in any way arising from the use of the forum and, in any event, not be held liable for the content of any website accessible via the forum (e.g. hypertext links to external sites), including, without limitation, sites accessed through banner ads and via the advertising space.

From the above it follows therefore, that the running of the forums requires, on the one hand, a sense of responsibility on the part of the users and on the other, the prudent use of news and information on the part of the reader.

It is underlined that by subscribing to Tradingnetwork.eu you agree to receive promotional material about Tradingnetwork.eu services via the web, on email (also direct e-mail marketing), SMS and ordinary post.


Trading Network LTD  considers that your use of the website, navigation and use of web pages, including registering for personalised Tradingnetwork.eu services, is carried out in the full knowledge and explicit acceptance of the terms set out in the preceding pages of this Legal Notice.

With reference to the provisions of this agreement, which you have read and expressly accepted, it should be noted that the rights and obligations arising therefrom shall be subject to Maltese law.

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