About Us

Trading Network Ltd was founded by two independent traders, Biagio Milano and Salvatore Rovito, with over ten years experience in making a living solely from trading, relying only on their own capital. Trading Network's aim is one and only: to be a benchmark for those who look for investment and trading events, training, in-depth analysis and advanced services. 



Salvatore Rovito was born in Alliste (Lecce) on May 11th 1970. He has always been keen on financial markets. Wishing to make a living from trading, he began tentatively to study financial trends and tools in 1995. At the beginning, not having enough money available for trading (also the trading system at that time didn’t guarantee solid returns) Salvatore has worked as Investment products manager in General Insurance Agency ‘Ina Assicurazioni’ in Maglie (Lecce) till 1999. Afterwards he took a position as financial promoter first, and then as Area Manager in Fineco Bank, at the time a Bipop group's branch. In 2003, he had a considerable capital collected thanks to his previous job experiences, obtaining autonomy to work exclusively as trader. Also the trading system developed during these years gained efficiency, generating steady and sustainable returns.

In 1998 Salvatore Rovito begins to do trading with his first online account subscribed at Fineco, with a starting capital amount of 5 millions liras (around 2,500 euro). As often happens with the beginners in trading, the initial results are erratic and above all very volatile. His great passion for statistics (a subject studied with great interest during his degree course in Economics at the University of Bari) and his ability to carefully modify his trading system - with the aim to achieve as reliable and sustainable results as possible - in only five years allow him to fulfill his dream of doing trading for a living, working exclusively on financial markets.

Since spring 2003, mainly thanks to his own trading system finally efficient and without extreme volatility and excessive risks, Salvatore Rovito works as an independent trader, multiplying his capital a thousand times. Specialized in Italian and European stocks (long and short trading signals), he chooses not to use derivatives. According to his experience, a good money management and an appropriate trading strategy give the possibility to achieve the predetermined goals without exposure to the typical volatility, the technicalities and the excessive number of variables to consider.

From 2004 to 2012 he gains experience in others financial markets: in Brazil (2006-2007), in Russia (2004-2007) and in Ukraine (2008-2012). Having returned from Kiev in May 2012, he begins to work tirelessly on the TRADINGNETWORK project, aware of a strong demand for consultancy services specialized in the markets of financial investments. The demand that is still not satisfied due to the supply consisting of traditional channels (banks, financial advisors, brokerage companies, trading platforms) and is absolutely disappointing due to evident conflicts of interest in the choice of products and services offered to clients. There is also plenty of offers from individual traders, that are not only incomprehensible and too much technical to be managed by the majority of potential customers, but also frequently delivering amazingly negative results.



Biagio Milano was born in Bollate (Milan) in 1972. From a young age he has developed an interest in financial markets, especially after having watched the movie "Wall Street". When he was a child, he used to collect money received on birthdays and religious holidays in order to realize his dream. In 1997 he begins working on the financial market with only 14 millions of liras (around 7,000 euro) via Promos brokerage company in Catanzaro. After studying some stocks he chose to invest his money in Olivetti, a company that was coming out from great financial difficulties. The idea is simple and effective: in a sector of continuous expansion Olivetti acquires Omnitel, a company which in a short time becomes the main Tim competitor. After a few weeks Olivetti stocks begin a rally, lifting them up from 85 cent to more than 3 euro and this allows him to stockpile his first discreet amount of capital.

Meanwhile he keeps on studying economics at the University of Messina. In 1999/2000 he realizes that the stocks of Nuovo Mercato can be a great opportunity. Biagio invests in Tiscali, multiplying his capital in a short length of time when selling Tiscali at 1,000 euro. He analyzes these kind of stocks as a consequence of their performances during the previous ten years in the USA. He achieves better understanding of the financial market when he quits Tiscali and other stocks of Nuovo Mercato and refuses to have long positions in them. During the market crash in March 2000 and subsequently in 2001 (Twin Towers) he becomes a scalper, taking advantage of short time fluctuations and thus he manages to avoid risks from keeping stocks in his portfolio.

By investing exclusively in large cap stocks and excluding derivatives and options, Biagio Milano keeps on multiplying his money, passing each crisis unscathed: the American crisis and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton; Asian crisis in 1998; market crash in 2000 and 2001; the cases of Enron, Worldcom, Parmalat and the deep crisis of 2008. In fact, from 2008 to 2013, Biagio takes advantage of the broad fluctuations of the market and has only long positions in stocks, he again manages to multiply his capital, attaining an overall gain of 14,500% since the beginning of his career.

First acknowledgements come in 2009. Biagio Milano becomes news analysts for Trading Room, a popular broadcast of Class Cnbc by Giuseppe Di Vittorio, and begins to write for magazines like T-Room and LiveTradingShow. Biagio Milano is today amongst the best traders on the Italian financial market. Furthermore he is a Trader Master and a lecturer for several banking groups like IWBank and Banca Sella. He is president of the IfmAdvisor Association, which is involved in moderating the government claims related to the adoption of the Tobin Tax, conducting a determined battle together with a lot of other traders, the members of the association.